Cameroon: Baka pygmies people form unity with the forest

Deep in the rainforest of Cameroon, south of Lomié, lives a community of Baka pygmies. These different families depend on what the forest offers them.  

Text: Angelique van Os | Photography: Henk Bothof

Baka family

The forest is the spiritual and physical cradle of the Baka people. This is a source of their religion, livelihood and cultural identity. Traditionally they live by collecting wild honey, bananas, nuts, wood, fruits, medicinal herbs and hunting. They use hunting techniques such as bow and arrow, nets, spears and traps.

Knowledge of plate types

Pygmies have a great deal of knowledge of the more than 8,000 different plant species that occur in the rainforests of Cameroon.

Threats Baka people Cameroon

The biggest threats to their existence as hunter-gatherers are discrimination, logging and nature conservation projects. They can also easily be driven out of the forests because they have no land rights. Moreover, education and medical care are often out of reach for them.  

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