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the-world-michael-poliza-teneues-salar-de-uyuni-bolivia #coffeetablebook

The World – Michael Poliza

The world through the eyes of photographer Michael Poliza consists of nothing but impressive, vast and colourful landscapes, with the occasional star role for humans …

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wanderlust-europe-gestalten-great-hikes Optional

Wanderlust Europe, hiking through desolate landscapes

We sometimes forget how beautiful our own continent is. The coffee table book Wanderlust Europe, The Great European Hike, focuses on approximately 50 long-distance routes …

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fragile-teneues-pedro-jarque-krebs-panda #Fragile

Wildlife photography – Intimate animal portraits show fragile beauty

Text: Angelique van Os | Photography: Pedro Jarque Krebs

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frans-lanting-elephants Africa

Frans Lanting, image translator with a critical eye

If anyone knows how to capture the beauty of the earth in all its facets, then Frans Lanting (1951) does. The famous photographer has been …

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pure-india-tribes-lambadi-woman India

Photo book Pure India – Bothof & Bakker

In 2008 photographers Henk Bothof and Martin Bakker published their first photo book, entitledPure India. This book has been out for some time now, but …

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paul-nicklen-born-to-ice-orca-and-fjord-norway-herring National Geographic

Photographer Paul Nicklen shows vulnerable beauty of polar regions

He reduced no less than a million images to just 178 photographs. The life’s work of photographer Paul Nicklen therefore contains only pearls. In his …

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dark-heavens-hamid-sardar-mongolia-kid-reindeer Optional

Photographer Hamid Sardar: “Dark Heavens shows lost connection between man and animal”.

Eight summers he went out with them. Over vast steppes and tundra’s, over rugged mountain scenery and through dense forests of Mongolia. Photographer, filmmaker and …

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