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mike-del ferro-govert-driessen-portret Culture Road on tour EN

Podcast Mike del Ferro: pianist and globetrotter par excellence

In our very first podcast, Angelique speaks with pianist Mike del Ferro. He has been traveling around the world for years and gives special concerts.
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emine-bostanci-Tulum-turkeije Culture Road on tour EN

Photostory: Emine Bostanci plays the Echo of a city

Emine Bostanci, originally Turkish, living in Amsterdam, plays the special and rare string instrument, kemenche. She gives cross-genre concerts
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sanne-rambags-zwemmend-clip Culture Road on tour EN

Column Sanne Rambags: Dare to shine

(jazz) vocalist and sound artist Sanne Rambags (1994), travels the world and shares her experiences about Norway in a column.
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