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kameroen-baka-pygmeeën-tribes-man-eet-honing Baka people

Cameroon: Baka pygmies people form unity with the forest

Deep in the rainforest of Cameroon, south of Lomié, lives a community of Baka pygmies. These families depend on what the forest offers them.
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..naar een van de twee vrouwtjes. cubs

Lions of national park Hwange Zimbabwe: a big loving family

Hwange is the largest National Park in Zimbabwe with the highest population of lions in the country. We stayed in Hwange for four days
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AFG Buzya Gunbad uitzicht AHB7532 Afghanistan

The beauty of remote Afghanistan landscape, nature & people

Afghanistan is known as one of the most unsafe and misogynistic countries in the world. Henk Bothof saw the beauty that intrigued him.
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