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bonaire-lac bay-bertie -winkel #Doswinkel

Bonaire: 6X most beautiful water spots according to Dos Winkel

Bonaire is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Underwater photographer and ocean protector Dos Winkel knows this better than anyone. He lived on the Caribbean ...
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paardrijden-namibië-henk-angelique Abruzzo

Paardrijden- en tochten: 6x off road, van Ierland tot Afrika

Een beetje avonturier of reiziger die houdt van een trage, intense manier van reizen moet zeker eens op de rug van een paard klimmen. Hoe meer ...
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nepal-lumbini-korean-temple #nepal

Spiritual Nepal: 5x royal cities and temple complexes

Nepal state nIn addition to the beautiful nature, it is also known for the rich culture of its ancient royal cities of Kathmandu, Patan and ...
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north-iceland-nature-baths-mývatn #Iceland

Iceland: 4x spa and natural pools, from beer tub to hot springs

Iceland, land of volcanoes, petrified lava fields, hot springs, glaciers and waterfalls. The unknown north of Iceland also has an untouched landscape of ice and ...
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Horse-ridingnamibiëhenkangelique Abruzzo

Horse riding and tours: 6x off road, from Ireland to Africa

The little adventurer or traveler who likes a slow, intense way of traveling should definitely get on the back of a horse. The more experience, ...
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uganda-rwenzori-giant-lobelia-view Explorer Tips #1

Rwenzori Mountains Uganda, breathtaking and fairytale-like

The Rwenzori Mountains, located in Uganda, are an unknown gem to the general public. A breathtaking national park full of lush flora and fauna, a ...
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