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nepal-chitwan-vulture-program Tips Asia

Nepal wildlife tip: Jatayu vultures restaurant

Vultures are not the most beautiful or friendliest birds. They have a somewhat negative image as scavengers. However, vultures are extremely important for ecosystems. The …

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nepal-lumbini-korean-temple Tips Asia

5 tips Nepal: royal cities and temple complex

Nepal is beside the beautiful nature also known for the rich culture of its ancient royal cities Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. These places are easy …

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laos-luang-prabang-butterfly-garden-striped-blue-crow Tips Asia

Tip: Butterflypark Laos

Since 2014, the Dutch couple Ineke and Olaf Paap have been running a beautiful butterfly garden in Laos, which is about 900 metres from the …

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myanmar-praying-boy-monks-buddhism-header Tips Asia

Tip: Buddhism in Myanmar

Despite the fact that Myanmar has freedom of religion, Buddhism is anchored in daily life. On almost every street corner there are monks, the local …

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myanmar-tempel-offers-header Tips Asia

Tip: 4 x Myanmar holy places

Anyone who explores Myanmar will find themselves in a mysterious country with centuries-old traditions and cordial people (see our story The Evidence of Myanmar). The …

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myanmar-parasols-handwerk Tips Asia

Tip: 4x handicraft & handicraft Myanmar

Those who go to Myanmar will be amazed by the many authentic folk arts. Lacquerware, silver, paper, parasols, gold plates, woodcarving, weaving, sculpture, sand painting, …

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