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pauliina-syrjälä-ulla-nikula-muziek-van-finland-rik-van-boeckel-kopie #Emilia Lajunen

Music from Finland: age-old instruments remain loved

Finland is known for tranquility and untouched nature. But due to its somewhat isolated location, Finland also has a rich and ancient music culture. Some ...
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italy-tuscany-lavialla products #fattoria la vialla

Fattoria La Vialla: circular farming with olives

Fattoria La Vialla from Tuscany has been producing biodynamic products for 45 years. Pastas, sauces, wines, biscuits and a cosmetics line.
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florence-palazzo-pitti #Boboli garden

The Medici, Godfathers of Florence

They are inextricably linked: Florence and the Medici. The family played a political game for nearly 3 centuries that took them to great heights.
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