Water, Rudi Sebastian



A Journey through the Element

Water. The origin of life. The stroke of luck among cosmic coincidences. The chameleon of molecules that makes all the difference. Every living entity depends on its existence.

Yet in and of itself, water appears rather modest. Colorless and tasteless, it is only in its environment that water comes to life, receiving color through the reflection of the sky, and dynamism in its movement along rivers, over mountains, oceans, and plains.

Photographer Rudi Sebastian has dedicated his photographic life to water in all its forms. For the last few years he has traveled the globe to capture every imaginable facet of this essential substance in all its liquid, gaseous, and solid forms. The result is an exquisite photographic book that presents an unprecedented spectrum of this miracle substance—from a pond to the endless expanse of the Pacific, from the ice of the polar regions to the salt-encrusted lakes of the great deserts.

© Water – A Journey through the Element by Rudi Sebastian, published by teNeues, € 40, www.teneues.com, Soča, Slovenia, Photo © 2019 Rudi Sebastian. All rights reserved.

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