Winter sports differently in Norwegian Geilo

Between Oslo and Bergen lies the town of Geilo, centred around nature reserves Hardangervidda, Hallingskarvet and Skaupsjøen Hardangerjøkulen. A paradise for outdoor activities: from snowshoeing, fatbiking, skiing, cross-country skiing to dog sledding.

Text: Angelique van Os | Photography: Henk Bothof

Nina Gässler

Norwegian Geilo has only about 2500 inhabitants, but is a popular (national) winter sports destination. Geilo is located in Hallingdal, parallel to three lakes and at the foot of Hallingskarvet and Skaupsjøen Hardangerjøkulen. Compared to The village in the west is also the gateway to the largest National Park, Hardangervidda. the Alps it is relatively quiet here, but circumvent the Norwegian holidays because the locals know this area flawlessly to find.

Just outside the village are 39 ski slopes, divided into four parks of different levels. So also for children and beginners like us, who are for the first time on the skis, there is plenty to do. Fortunately, multi-instructeur Nina Gässler is used to everything and helps us find our way around the slopes. She has been running her own company, Aktiv Geilo, for a number of years now, after she has abandoned the top-class cross-country sport due to long-term injuries. Gässler is very patient when I go down for the umpteenth time. She continues to stimulate positively and after three quarters of an hour we leave the Vestlia track for an introduction with Geilo’s extensive cross-country skiing, or cross-country net work of no less than 200 kilometers. It is quite a struggle through the thick layer of snow, but the healthy air, the sun-net and the beautiful landscape make the effort secondary.

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Read HERE also the article about the special Ice Music Festival in Geilo.

If you want to know more about the sustainable life of the inhabitants of Geilo, read the book Generation Geilo: Portrait of a Community by the British photographer Emile Holba, who is a child at home with both the community and Music Ice Geilo.

With thanks to: Innovation Norway, Visit Geilo (Pål Knutsson Medhus), CherryLab, Terje Isungset, Emile Holba, Fagerlund Husky and Nina Gässler.



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