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Cameroon: Baka form unity with the forest

Deep in the rainforest of Cameroon, south of Lomié, lives a community of Baka pygmies. These different families depend on what the forest offers them. ...
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7X game drives tips Africa

When you are in Africa, game drives are one of the exciting activities. Below we share seven tips that are useful for spotting wildlife.
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Pianist Nik Bärtsch about the green city of Zurich

The Swiss city of Zurich is best known as a leading financial centre because of its rich history, as well as for its gastronomic and ...
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Fairy-tale Uganda – part II primates

Uganda is the land of the primates. We take you to the rainforest, to volcanoes and to the impenetrable forest where dozens of species of ...
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6x winter outdoors: from glass igloo to invisible tree house

In the section Pure Place we take you to special remote places in the world. With the dark months approaching, this time we have selected ...
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Botswana game drives: breathes authentic safari feeling

If you go on a classic safari, you’ll be in the car for hours. You never know what you will encounter. Game drives can increase ...
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