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2023 was an eventful year in which we took a number of special trips to Zimbabwe, Madeira and Ethiopia, among others. Because most of this took place only in the second half of the year, our second magazine took a little longer. But the new edition is out now, which we think is a great start to the new year.

In this second issue we bring you a safari special, including a focus on Zimbabwe’s endangered beloved painted dogs. We also have several tips on remarkable winter outdoor locations and long for the pre-season with sultry exotic islands. The Culture Road section also features prominently in this second edition, with a column by guest writer and vocalist Sanne Rambags, a podcast recorded in collaboration with Mike Del Ferro and a musical Photo Story by Emine Balçu. You can read about music in Rik van Boeckel’s travel story about Senegal. And Henk has some special Photo Stories again, like about Afghanistan.

Enjoy reading edition #2 !
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Henk & Angelique


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