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nepal-bardia-tiger-river Travel stories

Chasing the tiger in the ‘other’ Nepal

Every year thousands of travelers visit the roof of the world in the Himalayan Mountains. But Nepal is a country of extremes with also pristine …

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people-vlog-series-covid19 Travel stories

Covid-19 travel vlogs from around the world

Since we are living in crazy, uncertain times and it is no longer allowed travelling the world because of Covid-19, we still want to dream …

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emirates-home-cooking Travel tips

Emirates offers culinary journey around the world from its own kitchen

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under-restaurant-noorwegen-interieur Travel tips

Europe’s first underwater restaurant opened on the south coast of Norway

Text: Angelique van Os In the Maldives, they have been familiar with it for a long time. In fact, the exotic archipelago has no less …

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myanmar-bagan-balloon-flight-sunset Travel tips

The resurrection of Myanmar

On almost every street corner a monk walks, a temple or pagoda appears and curious eyes stare at you. After years of oppression Myanmar finally …

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buitenleven-estate-verwolde-couche-house-castle Cities

Estate Verwolde, stand enjoying peace and quiet

The Achterhoek in Gelderland is rich in various nature reserves, castles and estates. Stichting Geldersch Landschap & Kastelen, together with Staatsbosbeheer and Buitenleven Vakanties, takes …

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abruzzo-wandeling Travel tips

Abruzzo, natural energy shot that deserves attention

The fresh mountain air of Abruzzo penetrates deep into the nostrils and the retina is on edge, looking for a trail of the brown bear, …

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ethiopië-lake-asale-afar-zout-caravaan Photo stories

Het ‘ Zoutkoninkrijk ’ van de Afar

De Afar-mensen uit Ethiopië leven in een van de heetste gebieden op aarde: The Danakil Depression. De temperatuur kan hier oplopen tot wel 50 graden Celsius. Lake Asale is een enorme zoutpan in de Danakil en ligt 115 meter beneden de zeespiegel.

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venezuela-yanomami-meisje Photo stories

Yanomami Indianen: puur en onaangetast

In de diepe wildernis van de Amazone leven nog enkele Yanomami Indianen. Deze mensen volgen nog altijd eeuwenoude tradities en staan zeer dichtbij de natuur. …

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Kalash-meisje-pakistan-henk-bothof Photo stories

Photo story: Kalash mensen

De Kalash of Kalasha mensen leven diep in het noorden van Pakistan, in de provincie Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Het gebied is beroemd vanwege de Karakoram Highway (KKH). …

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