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mike-del ferro-govert-driessen-portret Afghanistan

Podcast Mike del Ferro: pianist and adventurous globetrotter

In our very first podcast, Angelique speaks with pianist Mike del Ferro. He has been traveling around the world for years and gives special concerts.
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zurich-zwembad Exil

Flashback: pianist Nik Bärtsch over groene muziekstad Zürich

In de rubriek Flashback blikken we terug op een oud verhaal. Pianist Nik Bärtsch toonde ons de groenste Europese stad Zürich, waar cultuur en natuur ...
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zurich-swimmingpool Culture Road #1

Pianist Nik Bärtsch about the green city of Zurich

The Swiss city of Zurich is best known as a leading financial centre because of its rich history, as well as for its gastronomic and ...
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