Tip: camping in a church

Glamping is already well established among the masses.

And now there is also champing, an abbreviation for camping in a church.

Text: Angelique van Os | Photography: CherryLAB.

The British Churches Conservation Trust is looking for new opportunities to give the many affiliated country churches new destinations, such as the St. Cyriac church and St. Julitta church in Swaffham Prior near Cambridge, but also places like Alswincle, Norhhamptonshire, West Stourmouth and Fordwich offer overnight accommodation. This way of camping is basic and sober you sleep on just one mattress, as well as atmospheric and steeped in mysterious history. You also support the local community by champing and preserving the value of churches.

For one or more evenings you are the key keeper of the church or chapel, where silence prevails. By the way, it is also possible to book activities such as canoeing, (historical) walks or meditations through this organisation, so that you can return home completely zen and rested.

Costs: approx. 55,- pounds per night, including breakfast. | More info click here
Source: CherryLAB / Visitchurches


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