Tip: Ice Bubble, Iceland

Have you always dreamt of sleeping in nature in a special way? It is possible in Iceland, in the so-called Ice Bubble, a transparent glass or plastic (inflatable) tent that reminds one of an igloo.

Text: Angelique van os | Photography: buuble.com

This phenomenon has been around for a while in France and Finland, but is now also to be experienced in Iceland. There are five types, all in a different wooded location and a bit different from each other. Common denominator: a soft bed, heated and most importantly: view of the stars and opportunities to experience the Northern Lights from your bed and wake up among singing birds. There is also limited possibility to book a ‘Golden Circle tour’ along various highlights, where you can spot waterfalls and geysers, swim in a lagoon in a ‘secret location’ and of course spend the night in a bubble. But think that the Golden Circle Tour is now very touristy.

Ice Bubble at night.


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