Unique press trip to Ethiopia complete:

from tribal peoples, rugged desert, coffee plantations to high mountains,

wildlife, rock churches, volcano and salt lake

In just two weeks you will go on an ultimate trip through Ethiopia. Henk has been traveling to this diverse East African country almost every year since 1994 and, together with his local fixers and guides, knows exactly where we need to be to get the most complete picture possible in a short time.

Trip contents

We visit various tribes such as the Hamar, Dessanetch, Abore and Bodi. We spend two days in the remote bush with the Suri people, where Henk has been a family member for years, and experience some of their traditional rituals and customs.

Furthermore, unspoiled nature and wildlife are central. For example, we take walks through the mystical Simien Mountains, where special animals live such as the Gelada baboons that only occur in Ethiopia, the Mountain Nyala (antelope species) and the famous Simien Fox. In the Danakil we climb the active volcano Erta Ale in the northern desert and visit the impressive otherworldly sulfur landscape of Dallol. We also see the salt lake (Lake Asale) where the Afar people extract salt and you will experience the hard life in the hot Danakil Depression. Danakil is also the place where the oldest human – Lucy – was found. The ancient rock churches in Lalibela are also on the program. Finally, we will experience a traditional coffee ritual, which is characteristic of Ethiopia.

Safety & accountability

Naturally, our local guides try to ensure safety as best as possible. They don’t take any risks. If they and we feel that an area or location is unsafe, we will decide in advance not to go there and, if necessary, to adjust the program in consultation.

hamar woman-ethiopie-henk-bothof
  • PLEASE NOTE: One spot left!!!
  • Small group tour (max 6 people)
  • Travel dates: Dec 4-20 2023
  • Costs: €4250 (excl. international flight ticket)

Where are we staying?

  • In various hotels
  • In tents

What is included?

  • Local transport by 4×4 cars
  • Six (!) domestic flights
  • Lodging accommodations
  • Eating while camping
  • Access to all activities mentioned in the daily program

Which organization do we work with?

  • Henk has been working with his trusted fixer and guide from Zani Tours for years.


  • Henk Bothof: 06 54666327
  • travel@pureofftheroad.com
  • Read more about the Danakil HERE
  • Read more about Erta Ale HERE (scroll down)


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