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nepal-lumbini-korean-temple #nepal

Nepal: 5x royal cities and temple complexes

Nepal state nIn addition to the beautiful nature, it is also known for the rich culture of its ancient royal cities of Kathmandu, Patan and …

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north-iceland-nature-baths-mývatn #Iceland

Iceland: 4x spa and nature baths

Iceland, land of volcanoes, petrified lava fields, hot springs, glaciers and waterfalls. The unknown north of Iceland also has an untouched landscape of ice and …

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Horse-ridingnamibiëhenkangelique Abruzzo

Horse riding and tours: 6x off road

The little adventurer or traveler who likes a slow, intense way of traveling should definitely get on the back of a horse. The more experience, …

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uganda-rwenzori-giant-lobelia-view explorer tips

Rwenzori Uganda, breathtaking and fairytale

The Rwenzori Mountains, located in Uganda, are an unknown gem to the general public. A breathtaking national park full of lush flora and fauna, a …

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