Some stories need little words.

Our environment is so beautiful that we can’t stop photographing People, animals, nature or buildings, anything can be a subject. During our travels we make pictures that speak more than words. Which we would to share with you What do you think? Please share with your own beautiful environment..

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The World – Michael Poliza

The world through the eyes of photographer Michael Poliza consists of nothing but impressive, vast and colourful landscapes, with the occasional star role for humans …

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Wanderlust Europe, hiking through desolate landscapes

We sometimes forget how beautiful our own continent is. The coffee table book Wanderlust Europe, The Great European Hike, focuses on approximately 50 long-distance routes …

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Nepal wildlife tip: Jatayu vultures restaurant

Vultures are not the most beautiful or friendliest birds. They have a somewhat negative image as scavengers. However, vultures are extremely important for ecosystems. The …

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